"At E&J’s 3D Printing, we strive to be a welcoming and informative shop for everyone interested in 3D printing. We can design and print your items or get you started 3D printing in your own home."

About Us

Jason bought his first 3D printer to use for his hobby of tabletop games. He wanted to be able to customize his armies and he enjoys learning the new technologies available. Once he retired from the military he decided he wanted to continue on with 3D printing and co-founded E&J’s 3D Printing. He enjoys helping customers figure out the best 3D printer for them to use at home, and as well as printing custom orders.

Elsbeth uses her background in business and engineering to help customers develop the best product for their professional use. She also takes care of inventory and makes sure the store is well stocked with a wide variety of filament and 3D printers.

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Our Services

We sell, design, and print all your needs! Would you like to 3D print at your home? We are proud to announce that we now sell some of our favorite FDM 3D printers and made-in-USA PLA filament.

Our other service is printing it in-house! Do you need a 3D file printed? Send or bring your file to us and we can give you a quote to print your product.

Our Time Frame

Please note, this is our typical turnaround time. Time can increase depending on the amount of design work needed.
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Materials We Use

We use two types of printers for our products. In the store, you’ll see us working with our FDM (fused deposition modeling) printers and we use resin printers at our off-site location. We will decide which printer(s) to use for your project based on the size, color, and material you are looking for.

The FDM printers use a thermoplastic filament which is heated and extruded from a nozzle to form the item layer by layer until the item is complete. At our store, we only use high quality biodegradable PLA filament, which is made from renewable and natural resources, such as corn. Although the material is biodegradable, the items it prints are structurally sound and great for most hobby use.

The resin printers work a bit differently and use UV sensitive liquid polymer. This polymer is placed in the resin printer’s bed and a computer controlled laser changes the polymer from a liquid to a solid state to form the product. Once it is finished printing, the item needs to be removed then finished manually, which involves cleaning and curing the solid polymer. These are best for smaller, more detailed types of items, such as table top and Hero Forge miniatures.